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December 2017

  • Snacks

    Parmesan Shortbread Crackers

    What a year.  I have a delicious new baby boy who zooms around the house like a maniac and tries to test every boundary we set up for him, with varying degrees…

  • Dessert

    Key Lime Cream

    I confess that I don’t often need dessert in my life.  There are many days when a spoonful of lemon curd, pudding-cold, straight from the jar, is all the sweet I need…

  • Dessert, Snacks

    Scallion Nougat Crackers

    Salted caramels.  Chocolate-covered bacon.  You might think you’ve explored all there is to explore in the realm of sweet-salty combinations, but what if I told you that a popular confection in Taiwan…