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  • Gingerbread Cracker Toffee
    Dessert, Make

    Gingerbread Cracker Toffee

    Wow, what a year it’s been.  My husband and I went on our honeymoon in May (for which I packed Spicy Spam Musubi).  Shortly thereafter, I lost my appetite for months…because I…

  • Raindrop Cake Mizu Shingen Mochi
    Dessert, Make

    Raindrop Cake

    Raindrop Cake, aka “water cake,” is the hottest new dessert trend.  It’s certainly one of the most Instagram-ready snacks I’ve seen of late.  Also called mizu shingen mochi, the dessert appears to hail from Japan, where it’s…

  • Spicy spam Musubi
    Lunch, Make

    Spicy Spam Musubi

    This week, because I have vacations on the brain, we’re making one of my favorite travel-friendly foods: Spicy Spam Musubi with brown rice. Whenever I travel, I have a few rituals I like…

  • Overnight Steel Cut Oats
    Breakfast, Make

    Overnight Steel-Cut Oats

    This week, we’re making a fast, delicious, healthy, and portable breakfast: Overnight Steel-Cut Oats layered in a jar with ripe banana slices; sweet and tangy apple butter (my favorite recipe here); and rich,…

  • Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treats
    Dessert, Make

    Salted Caramel Rice Krispies Treats

    Rice Krispies treats are a funny business.  They seem totally foolproof to make–what could be so hard about mixing Rice Krispies with melted marshmallows and butter, and then pressing them into a…

  • Apple Butter
    Breakfast, Dessert, Make

    Sweet & Spicy Apple Butter

    This week, we’re making Sweet & Spicy Apple Butter!  I like to think of apple butter (which does not actually contain butter) as an apple jam.  Much more intense than applesauce and…

  • Dessert, Make

    Upside-Down Strawberry Bars (Butter Mochi)

    This week’s recipe, Upside-Down Strawberry Bars (aka Butter Mochi), was actually a mistake–a beautiful one, but a mistake nonetheless.  You see, sometimes a dish doesn’t turn out the way I had hoped, and I despair.…

  • Garlic Naan
    Dinner, Make

    Garlic Naan (Indian Flatbread)

    [This is the fourth post in a series about my Indian buffet adventures in Sunnyvale, California.   In the first post, I reviewed Indian buffets and provided a recipe for garam masala.  In the…