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  • Breakfast, Dessert

    Instant Pot Sweet Red Bean Soup

    You might be used to a meal at your local Chinese restaurant ending with sweet red bean soup, crinkle-wrapped fortune cookies, and cold sliced oranges.  But did you know that red bean…

  • Breakfast

    Egg Sandwich

    This story is about an egg sandwich that’s so easy and delicious that you can quickly make it for breakfast–even in the middle of, well, childbirth. On the morning I gave birth…

  • Breakfast, Dessert

    Orange-Glazed Cranberry Cake

    As a teenager, I wasn’t often permitted to go over to friends’ houses after school–but my parents did give me unlimited rides to the library, which was located just down the street…

  • Overnight Steel Cut Oats
    Breakfast, Make

    Overnight Steel-Cut Oats

    This week, we’re making a fast, delicious, healthy, and portable breakfast: Overnight Steel-Cut Oats layered in a jar with ripe banana slices; sweet and tangy apple butter (my favorite recipe here); and rich,…

  • Apple Butter
    Breakfast, Dessert, Make

    Sweet & Spicy Apple Butter

    This week, we’re making Sweet & Spicy Apple Butter!  I like to think of apple butter (which does not actually contain butter) as an apple jam.  Much more intense than applesauce and…

  • Breakfast, Make

    Kiribath (Sri Lankan Milk Rice)

    “I don’t make this dish the correct way,” my father-in-law mused to me as I stood by the stove, watching him vigorously stir the milk rice. “What do you mean?” I responded, confused.  I…