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    Scallion Nougat Crackers

    Salted caramels.  Chocolate-covered bacon.  You might think you’ve explored all there is to explore in the realm of sweet-salty combinations, but what if I told you that a popular confection in Taiwan…

  • Breakfast

    Egg Sandwich

    This story is about an egg sandwich that’s so easy and delicious that you can quickly make it for breakfast–even in the middle of, well, childbirth. On the morning I gave birth…

  • Breakfast, Dessert

    Orange-Glazed Cranberry Cake

    As a teenager, I wasn’t often permitted to go over to friends’ houses after school–but my parents did give me unlimited rides to the library, which was located just down the street…

  • Snacks

    Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

    I’ve been looking for a good crispy-chickpea recipe for a long time.  You see, I adore salty, crunchy snacks.  Where others might crave brownies and ice cream, I prefer to inhale Cheez-Its and…

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    Pumpkin Pie Mochi

    My husband claims that the first fight we ever had was over a pumpkin pie. It was winter of 2012, the year we started dating.  Our regular date-night restaurant, Pizzeria Mozza, was…

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    Crispy Prosciutto Sandwich

    This is a story of how crispy prosciutto saved my sanity when I was pregnant. During my pregnancy, I felt totally normal for the first couple of weeks or so…and then the…

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    A New Year, A New Look

    Hey, Sunny, where’ve you been?  I’ve missed you.   Hey, why does nomhungerous now redirect to nommymommy?  Well, the short answer to both questions is…I had a baby!  I started out as a…

  • Gingerbread Cracker Toffee
    Dessert, Make

    Gingerbread Cracker Toffee

    Wow, what a year it’s been.  My husband and I went on our honeymoon in May (for which I packed Spicy Spam Musubi).  Shortly thereafter, I lost my appetite for months…because I…

  • Raindrop Cake Mizu Shingen Mochi
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    Raindrop Cake

    Raindrop Cake, aka “water cake,” is the hottest new dessert trend.  It’s certainly one of the most Instagram-ready snacks I’ve seen of late.  Also called mizu shingen mochi, the dessert appears to hail from Japan, where it’s…