A New Year, A New Look

Hey, Sunny, where’ve you been?  I’ve missed you.  

Hey, why does nomhungerous now redirect to nommymommy? 

Well, the short answer to both questions is…I had a baby!  I started out as a pug mom, and since I had a human kid this year, I decided it was time to rename this whole shebang.  Being (formerly) pregnant and (now) a mom has really changed the way I cook and eat.  I still like to eat delicious things, of course, but now (sadly) I don’t have as much time to mess around in the kitchen.  On the bright side, I’ve become more efficient.  Unless it’s simply the most amazing dish in the world, I’m not going to spend hours shaping tiny tart crusts or chopping onions into a perfectly square dice.  Maybe I’ll develop an easier recipe for crust (or not feel bad about cheating and use store-bought!), and maybe I’ll use my food processor or blender for those darned tear-inducing onions.  My rice cooker is one of my best friends, as is my Instant Pot!  Rest assured that I’m still cooking and thinking about food constantly and seeing inspiration everywhere…even if it’s in my baby’s obsession with roasted sweet potatoes.  So let’s get (re)started!



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